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Lent: a time to start a new habit

I have heard it takes 21 days to start a new habit. Lent is 40 days (excluding Sundays for some reason) and an ideal time to reflect on your life and make changes.

Traditional Lent decisions are to give up chocolate or alcohol. A penance.

Last year I decided to add something to my life and each day I was consciously thankful for three things. Small things like a midmorning real coffee, big things like a great friendship. Continue reading

A new ritual: Who I am

There are four times of year when I might think about the old and the new. new ritual Rosalyn Clare life coachNew Year, my birthday, April (spring and a new tax year). And September which for many years was the start of a new school or university year. They can all be good times of year to think about the previous year and the year to come. Who I am and what I want.

About three years ago, I discovered a reviewing exercise . I had left my corporate ‘career track job’ two years before, I had spent time travelling the world and I was starting to get impatient about the next step. The process helped me to take a step back. Continue reading

First Steps to Freedom article

I’m very excited about my new newsletter. I’ll be writing to those who want to make changes in their lives with topics for reflection and challenges. And I’m offering a free article with three sections designed to give those who want to change careers something they can do now.

Just fill in your details on the top right of the page.

And then click on the link in the ‘please confirm’ email. Add my email address rosalyn [then the at symbol] into your address book to stop it turning up in spam. Continue reading

What are you putting off?

I am having a nightmare situation with a tooth. In order to avoid a large bill for root canal treatment, I changed dentist to attempt to get the work covered on the NHS. This then involved a referral to the dental hospital which got lost and then an appointment at the hospital with a promise of treatment which never transpired and… it’s been a catalogue of disasters. In the background I have failed to chase up the different dentists, secretly pleased to be postponing what I knew would be a lengthy and painful treatment. The net result is that I may have left it too late and might need to have the tooth removed. Quick and cheap, but affecting the way I chew for the rest of my life. Ouch!

Sometimes I get caught up in the urgent and leave the important. Continue reading

Serenity – and the things we cannot change

Those of you reading this in the UK know that we have had more rain this summer than the last 150 years. Or is it since records began? A long time anyway!

Friends have talked of frustration or even anger at the ‘bad’ weather. They haven’t been able to plan outdoor activities and go for walks or cycles without the risk of getting wet. They haven’t seen a lot of sun.

My response to the weather this year has been to be intrigued. It has been very, very wet. And there has been very little sun. And I find myself wondering what next – could there be snow even? Without meaning to, I have adopted a Zen-like acceptance towards British weather this summer. Or, to switch religions, ‘everything works together for good’. Continue reading

Setting goals

My coach has challenged me to set goals and publish here big goals for the next six months. Not just write them in my diary. Or, to rephrase – who do I want to be in six months time. How I wanted to develop as a person by Christmas. Who I wanted to grow into being.

So, here goes, Chris ( –

  1. I want to be more courageous. The biggest goal I can set myself here is to conquer my fear of heights and do something that proves it. This ought to be scary, but I’m actually feeling excited about this. It would mean I could see Everest – wow! Continue reading