What works for you?

I often work with people who are extrovert creatives. They find themselves in an environment surrounded by introvert technical people and notice where they are weak. Typically they complain that they are disorganised and manage time badly. When we talk further we discover that they do get things done, just in a less linear fashion. I suggest that they experiment with what works for them in terms of work and managing time and focus their attention there.

One client found that she preferred to work into the early hours on a project and just keep going until it was finished, rather than small amounts of time here and there. He was able to negotiate hours with his employer in a way that worked for both. Another found that using a spider diagram rather than a simple list was more productive for the way her brain worked.

Many have written on this subject. Covey recommends a quadrant – dividing tasks into important and urgent, important and not urgent, not important and urgent and finally not important and not urgent. He urges more time be spent on the important and not urgent as that can make the most difference.

Others talk of dedicating the first hour of the day – or some other hour for ‘A Time’, again the most important things. Or immersing  for a limited amount of time, say 25 minutes, without interruptions or ‘a pomodoro‘.

One of the things I do with clients is get them to dream their ideal life, the way they would love it to be. I want to give you permission to think more about what work for you. This is time management – extend that question into your job, relationships, fitness, your home. Don’t worry about the how yet – just explore.

What works for you?





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