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What others have said about experiencing coaching from Rosalyn:

  • After working with Rosalyn Clare for only 10 months I have literally transformed my life – work, home, family, partner …everything. I went from being in a career which did not use my strengths, left me feeling unconfident and sometimes incompetent with negative and draining consequences to literally living a fabulous, free, vibrant, successful life and career. I would literally score my life now as a 10 / 10.
    Working with Rosalyn has helped me to identify what I am brilliant at, areas I can focus on, what I love most about myself and others and what my values and goals are. Even more though she has enabled me to develop tools and strategies that I can and do use to make positive, realistic, empowering life decisions.
    Everyone around me knows there is something different about me
    and regularly comment and compliment me on my work, life and outlook. I am so proud that I made an investment in myself and I am so lucky that Rosalyn has made an investment in me. Working with Rosalyn has been quite literally life changing. Incredibly inspirational, totally enlightening and absolutely real.’  Kate Baker, consultant
  • ‘After working with Rosalyn Clare I lost 1 stone 4 lbs in 12 weeks and people have complimented me on how good I look.
    Within 2 months I had an interview for another job and was successful.  I will be starting my new job with a significant pay raise and promotion in the new year. Within 7 months I had explored difficult relationships within my family and I was able to create boundaries and regain a sense of control in a situation that had for many years been abusive and demanding.

    I have found the coaching process has given me tools to make changes and move forward in a number of key areas in my life with a sense of courage and purpose.  It has been hard work but huge amounts of fun. I have gained a renewed awareness of the importance of considering and prioritising my own needs when making decisions.  ‘
    Deborah, a solicitor

  • ‘After working with Rosalyn my work/life balance changed for the better, leaving me less stressed with more time for myself and my family. Rosalyn helped me find alternatives when there appeared to be no way out and was very clear and concise in her expectations of me. Although Rosalyn was straight talking and this did not feel very comfortable at times, it was what I needed to make me think and make changes! The coaching I received from Rosalyn was money well spent.Coaching with Rosalyn made me focus on what I needed and helped me get it! And wow how much a better person I feel for it! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend lifestyle coaching to anyone! Thank you, Rosalyn!’
    Julie, teacher
  • ‘I am delighted to recommend Rosalyn as a skillful and empathetic coach.I found that Rosalyn and I very quickly established a rapport that let me move through issues to action. She has a very intuitive style of questioning and gentle challenge that helped me really get to the heart of the matter and work on areas that were most important to me. She helped me connect with the positive aspects of change and supported me in taking time out to go travelling and to secure a new job that is motivating and fulfilling.What I really appreciated is that she always challenged me to take action between the sessions but never pushed me to do something that was unrealistic. The result being I always achieved my goals and enjoyed doing so.’
    Caroline ( Head of Finance)
  • It gave me a real boost to act and made me feel a lot more positive for the future. I just needed someone to tell me it was ok to feel confused sometimes but to then give me a clear path to follow in order to rectify my situation. You did this and it was also good that I took my plan of actions away with me with a time scale of when things should be achieved.’ Rachel Knight, retailer

  • ‘I was unhappy in my current role at work and needed to leave the company or change something fundamental about my job. I had been thinking about this for a while and had not taken any steps to do anything about it. After discussing things with Rosalyn I realised that I needed to leave the company and move to a position that would enable to grow within the company and also to manage my own team. I discussed ways that I could look effectively for new jobs… I am now in a new role heading up my own team. Having a sounding board was very useful and helped me to start taking some positive action.‘ Clare Leonard, events manager
  • Wonderful. Sympathetic, asked clear thought-provoking questions without being confrontational. As a result of my coaching I have been able to take a detached look at my life and realise that my current work priorities are not helping me achieve the things that really matter to me, so I have begun to make strategic changes to ensure that I am actively working toward goals which mean something significant to me.’ Tim Herbert, gardener and writer
  • It enabled me to move forward with an issue I had been frustrated over. The questions made me think of my own solutions. I think Rosalyn picked up very quickly on points that other people might not think are important, but she made me feel that if they are important to me then they are important. She was very encouraging. Also, asking me when I was going to actually do the things that we’d talked about and encouraging me to put them in my diary as an ‘appointment’ which meant that I actually got it done, rather than just thinking about doing it. [Coaching] is a very useful opportunity to improve areas of your life that you don’t feel fulfilled in and on your own don’t have the motivation or ability to know how to move forward’ Jo Thomas, education adviser
  • ‘Rosalyn asks the right questions. It’s been really useful. It helps to get things straight in your head. I’d recommend it to my friends. Go and see Rosalyn – she’s ace!‘ PhD student
  • ‘Rosalyn didn’t let me get away with anything’ Business Development Executive
  • Very useful in helping me reaffirm my priorities in life! It helped me set up a plan of action. I’m now learning Spanish, have booked a trip to Cuba and am playing tennis. It’s good to take time and analyse things; good to take a step back. Definitely a useful exercise. I feel uplifted. ‘
  • Rosalyn made me feel relaxed, I didn’t feel inhibited. Encouraging. need help and direction, to refocus. They need someone to hold their hand and help them through the process. [Coaching ] gives people the confidence to believe in themselves. ‘ Victoria Edwards, lawyer
  • ‘Good as a gentle reminder of what is important in my life. Rosalyn appeared very competent and in control of her material.’ Julian Somers, student in counselling and psychology
  • Coaching helps people focus on what they need. Everyone needs to take out times and dedicate a bit of time to themselves.’ home produce business owner

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