Time to rebalance

I’ve been having a stressed few weeks. The old story; trying to pack in too much into too little time and not allowing enough time for rest or doing the things that bring me energy.

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It’s been a bit of a shock. I’ve talked to clients about taking care of themselves and having a balanced life. And need to continue to talk to myself about this too. I’ve had such a great year I’ve fooled myself I’m invincible.

It’s a reminder to look at my life and where I’m concentrating my time and energy. I’ve gone back to the wheel of life, that foundational life coaching exercise and seen that though I’m much more satisfied with my career, the energy that I’ve put into career has meant that two key areas relaxation and my friendships have been neglected. (If you want to look at the wheel of life for yourself, I’ll send you a copy if you email my newsletter programme on rclare@aweber.com).

I took some time out. Spent time with family and friends. Read a good book. And watched some rubbish TV. Said “no” to working in the evenings and “yes” to sleep, baths and (several) glasses of red wine with friends.

Possibly the most important thing I did was prioritise a couple of relaxation treatments. I’ve been seeing Stuart for reflexology for years. And recently met Alison Clamp and Rosemary Gordon (invest in your health), both holistic therapists based in Birmingham. We all believe that it is vital to look after your health, particularly if you are making changes in other areas of your life or suffering from stress. I also learnt some breathing exercises – more on those another time.

ACTION CHALLENGE: Is your life in balance? Are you trying to burn the candle at both ends?

Make time to stop and stand back and look at the elements of your life? Have a look at the wheel of life and see where you want to devote more time and energy. And ask yourself what can you say “no”to.

I’m not advocating guilt tripping yourself into longer hours and doing even more. Something might have to go, even if just temporarily. Delegate more or make other changes to re-do your time usage.

And say “yes” to looking after your health. Visit your GP if there an ailment you are ignoring. Make time for a relaxation treatment. Look at your diet and exercise regime. And rebalance.

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