Is this you?

You’re good at your job, an achiever. Yet you’re not sure you fit and wonder if you deserve your success. You have lots of friends and you find it hard to say “No” to others. You have little time for yourself to think and dream.

You might fear failure or feel you have to get it right and that stops you from making changes and stepping forward. You long to make a difference yet you don’t know how.

I’m Rosalyn Clare and I will work with you to boost your self-confidence and your self-esteem. I will help you to rediscover your strengths and your passions. Together we will uncover the blocks that hold you back. You want to make a difference and we will clarify how you want to do this. You can be free to choose the impact that you want to have on the world.

First step 

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Here’s what one client had to say about working with me:
After a month of coaching I gained the confidence to take a leap and hand in my notice for a job which drained me. Three months later I gained a position which uses my strengths and is motivating and fulfilling.

I have taken steps forward in addressing work life balance and looking after myself. Rosalyn is a skillful and empathetic coach. Rosalyn and I very quickly established a rapport that let me move through issues to action. She has a very intuitive style of questioning and gentle challenge that helped me really get to the heart of the matter and work on areas that were most important to me. ‘Caroline (Head of Finance)

Rosalyn Clare

I’m Rosalyn Clare. I’m a qualified professional life coach and career coach and I have worked with many women around self confidence, work life balance and finding meaning in their careers. I work in person in Birmingham and by telephone / Facetime anywhere in the world.

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Part of my coaching fees go towards boosting the self confidence of young people in an Indian school.