Setting goals

My coach has challenged me to set goals and publish here big goals for the next six months. Not just write them in my diary. Or, to rephrase – who do I want to be in six months time. How I wanted to develop as a person by Christmas. Who I wanted to grow into being.

So, here goes, Chris ( –

  1. I want to be more courageous. The biggest goal I can set myself here is to conquer my fear of heights and do something that proves it. This ought to be scary, but I’m actually feeling excited about this. It would mean I could see Everest – wow!
  2. I want to be a leader. This is already true, but I want to move further along this path. Perhaps the best goal I can set is business related. I would like six more clients and to have a clearer business plan in action by Christmas. And to have run a workshop for women.
  3. I want to be healthy. My goal will be to lose a stone by Christmas, by eating healthily, rather than my usual hurried snacking. Moving towards those five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.
  4. I want to sort out my garden. OK, that’s not about who I want to become. Although it will be expressing creativity and creating a beautiful space to relax, which are about growth. Bird of paradise setting goals life coach exerciseMy goal is to lose most of my lawn (a sorry affair) and plant tropical-looking flower beds in the ground reclaimed. (Recommendations for plants that appear tropical but are hardy and like the shade will be gratefully received). And this is also about bringing Cuba to Birmingham.

I will keep you posted!

And how about you? Who do you want to become in the next six months? Or what do you want to do or achieve? Are they big enough goals? Not just one little step onwards, but a real stretch? Do they excite you? Let me know. And maybe let a few others know – there’s nothing like publishing goals to keep you accountable to them!

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