Hi, I’m Rosalyn Clare

Rosalyn Clare life and career coach

  • Passionate about seeing people develop and change
  • Can be tough when necessary – I won’t let you get away with anything
  • And gentle– sometimes you need your hand holding
  • Escaped the corporate rat race
  • Career/work spanning corporate consultancy, local authority, social enterprise, voluntary work and running my own business.
  • Have been voluntary counsellor with young people
  • Have successfully managed two major transitions; divorce and career change
  • Backpacked around the world
  • Enneagram 8 and Myers Briggs ENTJ for those interested
  • Christian by faith and happy to work with those of all faiths and none
  • Life coach in Birmingham but work all over UK
  • Born in London, brought up in Kent, now live in Birmingham
  • Qualified and certified life coach through the Coaches Training Institute. Certified Firework career coach.
  • Love mangoes, smell of vanilla, Anthony Gormley sculpture, challenge, proper coffee, conversation
  • Hate litter, grey days, bigotry, injustice

Fuller description – Biography

Story of my escape from corporate life

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