sharpening saw

Spring Offer – sharpening the saw coaching

Those who spend all their time fighting and advocating for others often neglect themselves. Any kind of self care or self development can feel like self indulgence, an unnecessary luxury. Time for me less important than time for others.

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four sharpening the saw”

This quote, wrongly attributed to Lincoln, is a reminder of how time spent sharpening the saw, sharpening the instrument, is invaluable in terms of getting things done. In much people related work our instrument is ourselves. Time spent on ourselves, on renewal, helps us to be more effective.

Spring Offer for human rights campaigners and Christian pioneers – 5 sessions of focus on sharpening the saw 

How can we renew ourselves? Sharpening the saw is not the same as putting the saw down or going on holiday, it’s an activity. If you put the saw down it will still be blunt when you pick it up. 

Stephen Covey*  suggests four key areas. In what ways can you best work on renewal?

Physical – rest and relaxation, exercise, eating well, sleeping 

Heart – build relationships, serve others, laugh and love

Soul – meditate, keep a journal, pray

Mind – reading, learning new skills

Covey suggests an hour a day. This will become woven into your quality of life, an essential.

Another way of sharpening the saw is investing in yourself, investing in coaching.

I am offering sharpening the saw coaching to help you re-examine priorities, set stronger boundaries and become a better leader.

Spring Offer for human rights campaigners and Christian pioneers – 5 half price coaching sessions of focus on sharpening the saw – £250

To find out more and to check if we are a fit, schedule a free half hour chat by contacting me here 

*Stephen Covey – Seven habits of highly effective people

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