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Developing women leaders

Great article from Kristi Hedges. Here’s an excerpt:

Give it to women straight. When Heath goes in to provide a leadership development program, she first delivers personalized feedback to the participants. The all-too-common response is: “I’ve never heard that.” The corporate culture in most companies doesn’t provide a consistent process for feedback. And women pay the price. According to Heath, feedback is akin to a GPS system that allows women leaders to modify their behavior. Heath has conducted surveys at organizations including law firms and banks, where male executives frequently say they dislike providing feedback to women because women expect lengthy explanations and can react emotionally. The men often elected to forgo the feedback.’

Rest of the article here:


Let me know your thoughts. How does your company develop women?

New daily habit – webtool

dontbreakthechainI read recently that Seinfeld is said to have spoken of the value of writing every day. He used a large wall calendar and scored a big red x over each day that he wrote. He was motivated to carry on crossing off the days and not breaking the chain.

It isn’t always the big steps that get us where we want to go, it is the consistent daily action, a succession of baby steps that build amazing outcomes. Daily action builds habits. Continue reading