What are you putting off?

I am having a nightmare situation with a tooth. In order to avoid a large bill for root canal treatment, I changed dentist to attempt to get the work covered on the NHS. This then involved a referral to the dental hospital which got lost and then an appointment at the hospital with a promise of treatment which never transpired and… it’s been a catalogue of disasters. In the background I have failed to chase up the different dentists, secretly pleased to be postponing what I knew would be a lengthy and painful treatment. The net result is that I may have left it too late and might need to have the tooth removed. Quick and cheap, but affecting the way I chew for the rest of my life. Ouch!

Sometimes I get caught up in the urgent and leave the important. The most important thing must be our health, including our mental health. It’s important to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits. When we have done that we have the physical, mental and spiritual energy to care for others. It can be so easy to procrastinate, can’t it? Leaving things until they become BIG tasks, instead of little ones. Like sorting out finances – failure to pay bills resulting in penalties and interest payment.

I’m not going to beat myself up. I have tackled and finished what was an outrageously long list of DIY tasks. I have started my tax return early. And dealt with two other tasks which I had been delaying for literally years.

ACTION CHALLENGE: Make a list of the important stuff that you’re putting off. Or a list of slightly less important but with BIG consequences if delayed. Or a list you’ve been putting off for AGES and wince whenever you think of it.

Pick the issue which has come up in your mind and if it is quick then do it now, pick up the phone or whatever. Otherwise, timetable when you can do it. A trick I have used in the past is to meet with a friend who also procrastinates the odd thing,have an evening together and both tackle a task we’ve been avoiding. It turns a chore into a pleasant social event.

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