3 steps to greater self-confidence package

The 3 Steps to Greater  Self-Confidence coaching package is designed to increase your self-confidence (no kidding!).

We work together to enable you to take action on steps which you are delaying. It is an introduction to coaching and the extraordinary results it can achieve in your life. We’ll concentrate on your strengths and how you can maximise them. We’ll also look at where you find it difficult to say “No” and baby steps to move forward. And I’ll challenge you and support you as you make those changes.

Structure: The 3 Steps to Greater  Self-Confidence coaching package consists of three 45 minute individual coaching sessions and email support between sessions. You will also receive a set of exercises for completion in your own time to help you explore your life in a meaningful way.

We’ll work on:

1 What does self-confidence mean to you?

2 Boundaries – where do you find it difficult to say “No” and what is the effect on your self confidence?

3 Strengths – looking at the areas you are strong and exploring ways of building on those.

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Second stepcontact me to set up a date for our first session

Investment: £250 payable in advance.

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