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My escape from corporate life

I’ve now written the story of my escape from corporate life and posted it as a page here – link https://rosalynclare-coaching.co.uk/about-me/story-of-an-escape

I can honestly say I’ve never regretted that initial ‘rash’ decision to hand in my notice. Despite things not always been easy or going the way I wanted since that date.

I have a similar decision at the moment; whether or not to reduce hours or leave my part-time job completely in order to concentrate more fully on coaching. This feels equally scary, despite there being less to lose and more to gain! Continue reading

What are you tolerating?

What are you tolerating?

We are used to the notion of putting up with things. “How are you?” “Can’t complain” “Mustn’t grumble” “Could be worse”

And as a (British) race I sometimes wonder if we like to have something to moan about.

Tolerations can drain so much energy that we haven’t enough left over for the things we really like to do. Like a couple of very small stones constantly in a shoe, or the feeling of being slightly spiked by a cactus.


Continue reading

The Tortoise and Hare Quit the Rat Race

by Dr. Paul

“This Tortoise is such a dull, heavy creature!” said the Hare.

“Not really dull, but he’s heavy for sure,” said the Rat.

“And you, Rat,” said the Hare, “Not so heavy, but just as dull. You are worse than either of us. Nothing but average. Average weight, and average smarts.”

Butting in, the Tortoise said, “Just because the Rat is average doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of great things. It is up to him to decide to do great things, just like one as heavy as me.” Continue reading