Update on my goals

Back in June, I published my six month goals (My goals ) .

Somewhat foolhardy maybe.

Very public success or failure!

It is putting my money where my mouth is. If we don’t aim for something we’ll hit nothing. And a quotation from Steven Kaggwa: ‘Try and fail, but don’t fail to try’. Sometimes I wonder if we never fail maybe we’re not setting tough enough goals?

But I digress…

1 I have made no progress yet on conquering fear of heights.

2 I am about to run a workshop for women (workshop flyer)

3 I am eating more healthily and, more importantly, in a more conscious way. Thinking about what I want to eat and whether I am hungry.

4 My tropical flower bed is nearly finished! It’s mostly phormiums and palms. life coach goals tropical gardenAnd already I want to spend more time sitting in my garden. I’ll post a photo when I’ve finished mulching it.

And what about you? Did you set any goals in June? How are you doing?

ACTION CHALLENGE: Review your progress against goals set. Have you met the targets set? Of which of your achievements are you most proud? How have your goals and targets changed? And don’t be afraid to revise your goals entirely if they aren’t working or aren’t still your priority.

And if you didn’t set any goals, how about now? We’ll be reviewing these at the end of the year. What would you like to achieve in the rest of 2007? Write these down and tell others. Drop me a line too – I love to hear about your goals.

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