Putting pressure on myself

Why do I put pressure on myself?

Why do you put pressure on yourself? This is a question I have been pondering recently. I am going to write a couple of posts about the subject.

Why do I beat myself up about things that often do not really matter.

First exercise – think of something you feel you HAVE to do. Say – finish the ironing this evening.

Tense a fist and say “I HAVE to… [whatever it is].” Feel the tension in your hand and arm and the corresponding tension in yourself.life coach exercise put pressure on myself

Then hold out the other hand, palm up and say “I WANT to… [same issue].” Feel the difference in your arm and the corresponding relaxed state in yourself.

Consider each of those statements – I want to… / I have to…

Is either statement true?

ACTION CHALLENGE: Make a list of things which you feel you have to do and test each statement with a clenched fist and an open palm.

Consider each of those statements.

Is either statement true?

Do you have to do it?

Do you want to do it?

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