Career coaching

Do you want to escape the corporate rat race?

You are successful at work yet it does not satisfy you. You want to make a difference and leave your mark on the world.

You want to be valued for more than your billable hours percentage. You long for more in your working and personal life.

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I left a corporate career. I took time out to travel, time to think, time to explore new areas. I have discovered a new career which I’m passionate about and meets my values. And I want you to do the same.

It is so easy to restrict choices, to rule out career options before even exploring them. I encourage you to open your mind to ‘blue sky thinking’. A chance to dream before getting realistic and working out an action plan of how to get there.

Using the Firework coaching package we will work together so that you

  • identify key strengths and skills
  • write a mission statement of your life purpose
  • grow in self confidence
  • end up with an action plan of how to get to your chosen new career

My career coaching package has three phases: Explore, Dream and Discover. It is based on the Firework coaching model (more on that below).

I also offer less directed coaching for those who want to guide their own exploration. See coaching for more information on how this works. We will work in person in Birmingham or by telephone / Facetime from anywhere in the world.

Structure: One initial 90 minute session followed by approximately twelve 60 minute sessions.

My guarantee – When you sign up for a coaching relationship, remember I offer a guarantee. You either feel you are happy with coaching, your progress and that I’ve exceeded your expectations or you receive a full refund within the first thirty days.

In terms of taking up coaching, I would recommend you think about what you want for your life and what that is worth in terms of time spent, money and effort. And listen to your intuition – sometimes if it’s not saying ‘no’, it’s probably saying ‘yes’ (sometimes we can’t hear the yes if we’re a little scared).


Investment option one
£250 a month payable monthly on the 1st of each month for 2 sixty minute sessions a month.

Investment option two
SAVE £ 100
£1400 if you pay in advance for six months.

First step – sign up on the right to receive my report on steps to take to improve self confidence and regular newsletter.

Second stepcontact me to discuss your specific needs and goals and set up a complimentary consultation.

Firework coaching career package

My career coaching programme has three phases: Explore, Dream and Discover. It is based on the Firework coaching model, in which I am a trained practitioner.

EXPLORE: In this phase you look at who you are and what you really want from your work. Through a series of exercises you will get a thorough understanding of yourself and what you need to be fulfilled in life. We will also work together to explore your work preferences and what motivates you.

As we work together through this phase you’ll become clearer about what is really important to you – your values, key strengths, work motivators, favourite skills, your passions and interests.

DREAM: We will work together to generate possible career options, including some ideas you will never have thought of before. We look at your whole life, not just your career, to generate a compelling vision for your future life and work.

DISCOVER: This is time to focus on your chosen path and at practical ways to get you moving along that path. Together we create a structured action plan which will take you from where you are to where you know you want to be.

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