Burned out? A new way of approaching work

Burned out? Under pressure? Charlie Hoehn felt the same.

“This pressure I felt to make it was such a burden–until I realized that no level of success was ever going to be enough. I would always be chasing the world outside of me. What was the point of working so hard if it wasn’t for my own happiness? The solution became very clear: stop doing work that doesn’t matter to you.”

When I tackle work with a sense of play

Charlie Hoehn realised that many of his work heroes tackled work with a sense of play.

“When I tackle work with a sense of play, my creativity and optimism soar. I fall in love with the process. My energy becomes contagious, and I’m able to create unique art with the people around me.”

Read the whole article here. Charlie writes about leaving his job and taking new projects. What if his approach worked for our existing jobs? I wonder if it is possible to bring that same attitude.

Permission to fail

One thing I find is that when I play it gives me permission to fail, permission to be useless at something. I’ve recently started a doodling course. I’m using this sense of play to just enjoy having fun with shape and colour without my doodles having to be right or wrong. It’s easy for me to approach my doodle as if I’m doing a Fine Art degree and critique it, which instantly kills any sense of fun. Play enables me to experiment, to get it wrong and to enjoy the process.

Holding looser on to work gives rise to new freedom, new enjoyment. Not just work of course – relationships, creativity, fitness, diet. Your self confidence will increase as you give yourself permission to play and give yourself permission to fail.

I often work with achievement-focused women who approach every area of their life as win or lose. Such pressure! Including an element of play brings a new lightness and gentleness to the way they treat themselves. If this is you and you want to change, drop me a line and let’s chat more.

Over to you

How could you approach work with a sense of play?
What would that look like?

What would change?

Pass it on

If you know any driven people who have lost that sense of fun and play, do pass on this article. And to make sure you don’t miss updates, sign up at the right of the page.

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