Too scared to move forward with career change

Today I worked with a client who was scared. She was scared to admit what she wanted to do next with her life.

She and I had been working through the Firework career coaching process I use. She was comfortable at the early stages, identifying strengths, thinking about interests and skills. And then, as we were narrowing down ideas, designing career spectrums, she got stuck. This beautiful, creative woman was unable to think, her mind went blank. She was so scared of taking the next step her mind had seized up.

It made sense. It was a big moment. We used a tool for lifting fear that I have been sharing with clients, a simple breathing tool that is gentle yet effective. This released her to think creatively again.

Within 10 minutes she said “This is what I want to do” 

It was a sacred moment.

It was a moment that deserved to be noticed, that deserved tears.

She went on to articulate a big vision of creating a new project in her community, bringing beauty and life. Somewhere people gather, working ethically and collaboratively. A neighbourhood meeting together that touches lives globally. A wonderful vision. When she let go of the fear she knew what she wanted.

Sometimes we get scared

Sometimes we get scared to dream big. Sometimes we get scared of dreaming at all. Sometimes we are scared of moving forward. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there. We are scared to fail and if we stand still we can tell ourselves we haven’t failed. We are scared of getting it wrong, of looking stupid, so if we don’t make a decision it can’t be a wrong decision. We get scared to do anything at all and we freeze.

And over on the other side often lies passion, fulfilment and making a difference in the world. Our fear doesn’t just impact us it prevents everything that we are purposed to contribute.

My fabulous client did make a decision. She took a step forward in naming her vision. A huge step. There will be many other steps to take, many other decisions to take – and she is moving forward.

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Over to you

Where do you get scared? And what works for you?

Pass it on

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