Be gentle to yourself

Why are we so quick to beat ourselves up? To criticise ourselves, to judge ourselves, to tell ourselves off?

Why are we so eager to cut down on sleep, to take on extra responsibilities, to push ourselves into exhaustion?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI LOVE jumping in at the deep end and pushing past boundaries and self employment brought me so many!¬† New challenges, new projects, new skills to learn. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” Whipping myself to carry on and do even more.

Well, yes.

And it makes sense to have some rest in the mix. Work that feels comfortable amongst the work that is challenging.

Over the last year I’ve been recovering from doing¬† too much. I didn’t heed warnings so my body, mind and spirit needed to shout at me and tell me that enough was enough. I had to reduce my workload down to concentrating on my one-to-one clients. And prioritise health and recovery.

Be gentle to yourself

What do those words mean to you? For me it was about rest, looking at my diet, seeing a counsellor. Not telling myself off for rest and relaxation. I saved my energy for people and activities that boosted me. And – most challengingly for an enneagram 8 – ask for help. I asked for support from others.

For you it might be about saying “No”. Taking a lunch break or leaving work on time. Carving out some time in the week for activities that boost you. Getting more sleep or eating more vegetables. Or even just switching off that negative voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough.

Growing in self confidence isn’t just about moving out of comfort zones. Sometimes it’s about making where we are right now more comfortable for ourselves.

How can you be gentle to yourself today? Leave a comment below.

And if you would like to learn this more thoroughly, to embed gentleness into your life, drop me a line. Lets see how we can create a life that is bold and courageous – and gentle.


4 thoughts on “Be gentle to yourself

  1. Carol

    I’m lucky enough to have a partner who encourages me to stretch myself, and when it gets overwhelming he reminds me to be gentle to myself.

    Walking in the sun, visiting the sea are both the best ways for me to restore my perspective on the world.

  2. Jenny

    Finding this particularly hard at the moment. My faith, my horse and music are a help as are kind and supportive friends.

    1. rosalynclare Post author

      Jenny, I don’t think it’s easy. I wonder if it’s trickier for those who are academic and in professional or demanding jobs? And for mothers?
      Thankfully being gentle to ourselves is not an all or nothing thing – we can learn to be gentle.
      Wishing you kindness


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