I reject the need to please

I reject the need.. to be liked, loved, respected, trusted, admired

My client wrote this beautiful piece after an epiphany and has kindly agreed I can share it with you.

I reject.

I reject the pressure to succeed in any conventional way,
I reject the arrogance that says I must stand out from the crowd,
I reject the doctrine that I must wear make up, dress well, stay young, slim and beautiful.
I reject the assertion that I should be happy.
I reject Facebook.
I reject my own pressures to be a good worker, student, friend, lover, daughter, hostess, person.

I reject.

I reject the desire to know all the answers or even to seem to.
I reject the need to be eloquent or intelligent.
I reject the need to change the world, even in a small way.
I reject the need to please, the need to be liked, loved, respected, trusted, admired.
I reject all this and more.
In this I find freedom and I find myself.

I aspire to be myself, no more, no less.
I aspire to follow my desires,
to work to fulfil my wants.

To follow my passions and dreams carefully,
to question the integrity of these dreams and where they come from.

I aspire not to judge.

I aspire to love freely and easily.
To feel compassion.
To be brave.
To question.
To fight.
To be open to learning.

I know my values lie deep and that they drive me.
I wish only to keep an open channel to my soul and follow its course.

I reject the need to do, to accomplish, to achieve.
I desire only to be and in being to live and in living to love.

May that I keep an open, irreverent and enquiring mind
that is guided in all it thinks and does by an open, compassionate and loving heart.

I have been working with ZS for several months and the coaching relationship is reaching completion. I love the way she expresses herself here, all that she is moving from and all that she is moving to.

Contact me to experience a free ‘taster session’, to find out what coaching could do for you.

Over to you

What do you reject? Do you share ZS’ values? Let me know in the comments below.

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