silence and solitude

Silence and solitude

“The great of the earth are those who leave silence and solitude around themselves, their work and their life, and let it ripen of its own accord.”   – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Silence and solitude. Silence and solitude.

Do we leave enough silence and solitude around ourselves?

This is more than self nurture. Yes, it’s another healthy habit. Clients have commented to me recently about needing ‘space’ in response to my post about self nurture. That’s essential. We need gaps in our busy lives.

And this is more.

If we do not allow silence and solitude our lives will not ripen fully.

That feels like a bold statement. I’m sure it’s open to challenge. And I know it’s true.

I also know that I want your life to ripen fully. This is important.

To mix metaphors, I’m imagining silence and solitude as a warm space around you. A warm space in which you have room to move, room to stretch. Room to discover who you are at the very heart of you. Room to spread your wings.

Who will you become if you let your life ripen fully?

Have I struck a chord? Drop me a line and lets talk more about putting in place new rhythms that sustain you and enable you to spread your wings.

Over to you

Where do you find silence?
When do you seek solitude?

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