Being thankful

Giving thanks right now for my orange bedroom curtains, made by my dear mother from shalwar kameez fabric from Birmingham’s Stratford Road. Thankful for fresh coffee and cake. And thankful for two texts from dear friends suggesting meeting up.

Thankful for my life right now. Thankful in the moment, in the present.

I’m working temporarily as a Development Worker on an outer-city Council estate. Working with an After School Club and older people. Developing people, being part of God’s work in this area. I’ve scaled down my private coaching work and scaled up the areas where I use coaching skills in my work.

There’s lots to learn. Things are messy. It’s easy to feel inadequate. I can get stressed. And I choose to be thankful. Right now not tomorrow. For a little girl showing me her red tights. For Zumba classes with some older ladies who make me smile. For sunshine. For the chance to make a difference.

I came across a wonderful blog post about thanksgiving. There’s an app and a book about focusing on the gifts each day brings. They encourage being thankful a few times a day, particularly when stressed.

There have been so many studies on the benefit that gratitude brings to your life:

1. Have a relative absence of stress and depression. (Woods et al., 2008)

2. Make progress towards important personal goals (Emmons and McCullough, 2003)

3. Report higher levels of determination and energy (Emmons and McCullough, 2003)

4. Feel closer in their relationships and desire to build stronger relationships (Algoe and Haidt, 2009)

5. Increase your happiness by 25% (McCullough et al., 2002)

Who wouldn’t want that?

So today I resolve to be thankful. To notice, to number the gifts of each day.

MYWikipedia: MY or my commonly refers to the first-person, possessive adjective in the English language, see I. ?

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