Survey results – job satisfaction

Lack of self confidence delayed almost half who escaped corporate rat race – result of survey

I surveyed almost 100 people about how satisfied they were at work.  These were split into those who had left a ‘corporate job’ and those still there.

Firstly the positives. 84% who’d left saw pay and benefits as a positive and 60% of those still there. 76% of those who had left said work colleagues were a positive, 50% of those still there.

Secondly, the negatives. 84% of those who had left cited hours worked as a negative and 48% saw values of the company negatively. Only 26% of those still there saw hours as a negative, in fact 37% saw it as a positive. This suggests that companies with more flexible working policies keep their staff.

Leaving work

Those who wanted to leave jumped fast – 52% in less than 6 months. Of those still there only 15% rarely or never think of leaving.

The reasons for leaving

48% left to set up their own business and 40% a job that better met their values. Those still in corporate jobs gave similar answers – 41% to set up their own business and 35% a job that better met their values.

Finally when asked why they delayed leaving, a lack of self confidence delayed 48% of those who had left and 28% of those still there. Fear accounted for 40% of those who had left and 30% of those still there. 48% cited financial reasons and 44% the aspects of the job. This corresponded to 50% finanical and 37% postive aspects for those still there.

Self confidence is what enables us to be the very best us we can possibly be.

Have you left a career path? Do you want to? Comment below.

Do you want to rethink your career?

I am a licensed Firework career coach. I work with women to take you from a blank sheet of paper to an action plan of how to put ideas into practice. If you like a structured approach, I have a career coaching package of around 13 sessions.

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