Why self confidence?

self confidenceSo why self confidence?

I’ve been carrying out interviews of career women this year. I’ve asked them about the challenges they face. I’ll tell you more about the results in a future issue.

It affects us all

The theme of self confidence came up time and time again. Worded as the ability to talk about your success in the same way as your male colleagues. Or believing in your abilities. Or fear of failure holding you back. Some women feel like impostors who risk being found out.

I’ve also carried out surveys on job satisfaction this year. I’ve asked why people stay in their jobs and what makes them leave. About 50% of those who had left cited lack of self confidence as a reason why they did not leave earlier (joint first with financial reasons). This is also a factor for 28% of those who have stayed.

Self confidence is what enables us to be the very best us we can possibly be.

Why women?

I do work with men. I like working with men and have a fabulous male client at the moment. And I’m excited about women being empowered. Women sometimes need someone on their side to help them take that next step. Although things have got a lot better, we still live in an unequal world.

Why me?

Clients speak to me about increased self confidence and feeling their own strength after working with me. Without blowing my own trumpet (although maybe we should all do that more) I know that my coaching will result in increased self confidence.

(Coming soon – virtual classes and in person classes on self confidence. I’m planning a series, details to follow.)

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