Wanting to talk – and putting it off

I have been wanting to write in my newsletter and it has been near the top of my to-do list for longer than I care to admit. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about my relaunch as ‘Self Confidence for Women’ which you will have noticed.

Putting things off

So why the procrastination?

Self confidenceI’m learning not to beat myself up at times like these. There’s usually a reason for procrastination, often a good one. I’ve spent a bit of time sitting with this and being curious. (Something I’d recommend for something you are putting off).

I came face to face with my desire to get it right. If not perfect then at least very good. ‘Professional’. I wanted my rewritten website to be completely finished. (And at least the text to properly align around the flower image…)

My last newsletter concerned a similar issue. My drive to produce quality is not always a force for good!

I’m imperfect

I’m imperfect and and my work is imperfect. Clearly true and strangely liberating to admit.

I’d rather connect with what is now a reasonable number of newsletter subscribers, than sit around waiting for perfection.

My website isn’t completely finished. (I’d welcome feedback on the wording of the first page, for example. Does it apply to you? Drop me a line.)

What really matters?

It’s more important to me to be working with women to see them empowered than getting everything perfect. Hence this newsletter now.

Is there anything in your life that you are delaying out of a desire to get it right or even perfect? What really matters about this issue?

What would it take for you to take a step today?

ACTION CHALLENGE: Identify one issue that you are delaying and take a baby step forward today.
Post your thoughts on my blog in the comments box below.

3 thoughts on “Wanting to talk – and putting it off

  1. Molly Gordon

    “It’s more important to me to be working with women to see them empowered than getting everything perfect.”

    I love that. So often, procrastination is a sort of image management strategy, a scheme to put off showing up in anything less that perfect form. But perfect form is about satisfying our own egos, not about delivering value to others.

  2. Annie

    I procrastinate
    but am rarely late
    I procrastinate,
    oh, what’s the date
    I procrasinate
    I leave it to fate
    I procrastinate
    must be something I ate!

    but seriously, I agree there is often a good reason why we procrastinate. Sometimes things need more time to germinate (oh boy can’t help the rhymes!)

    Whilst procrastination is sometimes about fear – being scared, and sometimes about a yearning for perfection – I reckon that sometimes it’s an indication that whatever it is you’re putting off, is something that you simply really do not want to do. It’s just is NOT truly aligned & congruent with you … it doesn’t fit – and it provides a good opportunity to go back and consider what you do want and what inspires you to act with the greatest of ease –

    and other times it may be a symptom of overwhelm – too much to compute. too hard to choose – a sign that you’re in need of a loving helping hand to help you on your way.

    and sometimes it may be that the sun’s shining and you’d prefer to soak you up some rays than go all nose to the grindstone … one of those days

    and then other times, the only way you’ll get to feel great is when you finally say, enough! on this, right now, no more hesitate, now I act, no more procrastinate … well, you know, sometimes …. ;-0)))

    1. rosalynclare Post author

      @Annie, Love the poem! You’re right – so many different reasons for procrastination. It’s too easy to say it’s about being lazy.

      @Molly, It’s that balance, isn’t it – professionalism not taken to extremes that mean we don’t deliver.


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