‘If I was not afraid, I would…’

No fearIf you were not afraid of anything or anyone, what would you do? Who would you be? What would you say? How would you live? Where would you live? How would you dress?

‘If I was not afraid, I would…’

One life coaching exercise I have found dramatically effective is to answer the above. Daily. For a week or two. And notice what items come up again and again. Little things and big things.

I have met people who do not admit they are fearful. Yet something is holding them back from the life they truly want.

As you answer the question, notice how your mind expands to think of new possibilities for your life. This question can reveal your true desires.

ACTION CHALLENGE: Open a new document on your computer and answer the question ‘If I was not afraid, I would…’ Make a list of everything you would be and do. Answer the question every day for a week and look at the opportunities you have listed.

Coaching is about getting excited about looking beyond the easy and glimpsing the new and the thrilling. Contact me if you would like to talk about moving beyond fear.

3 thoughts on “‘If I was not afraid, I would…’

  1. Kay

    That for putting that question forward. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with fear and the funny thing is when I look back at fears that used to nag me years back I am astonished at how ridiculous those fears were. And yet I still let present fears get the better of me now. I just need to let go, follow my bliss and let God take care of things. Thank you for challenging me to do just that.

  2. Oma

    I think I’ve grown beyond this question. For me now it’s, “What will I do in spite of being afraid?!” And I’ve done quite a lot under such circumstances. I’ve learnt to see fear as a “Caution!” sign, not as a “Stop and Run” sign!

    1. rosalynclare Post author

      Good point, Oma.

      I find that when I’m presented with an opportunity and I have a choice whether to face fears or run, I face them. And then sometimes I realise that the only reason for not doing something is fear, often just small things.



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