A big leap

Last Easter I made a big leap. Physically. Off a (small) cliff and into a deep blue river by a waterfall. In hot hot Cuban sunshine.

a big leap in life

Well, maybe it was just a ledge. But I am scared of heights, so it was a big deal. A big leap, in fact.

It was an exhilarating moment. Instead of a clamber into the river via the rocks, I decided to jump in the deep end. I was completely determined and ended up being the first of our tour group to jump. Once in the water, I was proud of my achievement and happy. I had conquered fears and felt free.

Reflecting on that experience, I see that leap as being a metaphor for my life. Or my life as I want it to be. Too often, I clamber over the rocks into the shallow end, wincing as I tread on the sharp rocks, taking one small step at a time. Sometimes, a big leap is called for. And can be easier than the gradual approach. A wise friend Merron pointed out that a small step can take as much energy as a big leap.

ACTION CHALLENGE: Where in your life would you like to take a big leap? What is stopping you? What is the cost to you, the equivalent of feet cut on the rocks, from not taking that leap?

If you’d like some support in taking a big leap, drop me a line via Contact-me/.

1 thought on “A big leap

  1. Bruce Stanley

    Can’t comment below so I’ll comment here. I like the logo very much. Fresh, fun but most of all alive. Somehow it reminds me of the finery of jewlery wire but also the everydayness of coffee cup rings with speak of getting on with it and getting through lots of cups tea or coffee.

    Rosalyn Clare is as vibrant in person as her logo – busy and efficient but with time for the fine considerations in life.



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