Self-care: 7 new habits

life and career coach BirminghamI’m now over a year into the process of being and becoming an entrepreneur with my own practice. It’s been an interesting time. I expected running my own business to give me extra flexibility and control. I didn’t expect the process to be an opportunity for so much personal growth and challenge.One challenge that keeps returning is that of self-care.

When I first started I was so excited that I would stay up late at night working on my website. Googling business articles and reading everything. Being able to use my laptop in bed is a mixed blessing!

From being a social butterfly who was rarely in, I became ‘too busy’ to see friends and couldn’t spare a weekend to see my family. My regular swimming routine became irregular and I succumbed more and more to the lure of fast food… Yet (strangely?) I had time to volunteer with Leaps and Bounds, an exciting project with young people.

I discovered that I wasn’t invincible. I made mistakes – as expected – and lacked the stamina to pick myself up again. There was a turning point when my friend Tina got me to admit I needed to cut down.

I realise that I cannot ignore my need for rest and relaxation. I cannot ignore my fitness and health. Those two neglected areas of the wheel of life. Without self care I lack the strength and stamina to make changes in the rest of my life.

It’s still early days. Having realised that self-care needs to be the spine that holds the rest of my story together, I want to design that spine.

I know many of you will be further down the line with this one. Share your ideas in the comment field.

life coaching career self-care

My thoughts so far – 7 new habits:

1. Enough sleep each night – for me 8 hours
2. Fresh food – without ingredients that end in -ate and cannot be pronounced – and 2 litres of water a day
3. Regular exercise
4. Daily spiritual practice – prayer/meditation/yoga
5. Boundaries around work time and play time – not doing work in front of the TV and set times for stopping
6. Regular relaxation treatments – massage, reflexology
7. Time with people who build me up and do not drain me

ACTION CHALLENGE: Are you working too much? Is work depleting your confidence and energy? Print off my 7 habits or design your own. Make a decision that you want to treat yourself better in 2008.

1 thought on “Self-care: 7 new habits

  1. Grace

    What are your intentions around how you develop these habits? Big leaps or small steps?

    Are you freeing up space and time for these or fitting them among your existing commitments?

    What are your key feelings and themes around it – pressure, gentleness, invitation, discipline…?

    My big passion at the moment is around self-care, and may even develop it into a niche, so let me know if I can help!


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