My escape from corporate life

I’ve now written the story of my escape from corporate life and posted it as a page here – link

I can honestly say I’ve never regretted that initial ‘rash’ decision to hand in my notice. Despite things not always been easy or going the way I wanted since that date.

I have a similar decision at the moment; whether or not to reduce hours or leave my part-time job completely in order to concentrate more fully on coaching. This feels equally scary, despite there being less to lose and more to gain!

My part time work does fit my values, I do feel I fit and there is no sense of being moulded into someone I do not want to be. The situation reminds me that life is not black and white. The decision is not just between staying and going. The best decision for some will be to work part-time. Or to add in to your life voluntary work or other activities which better fit your values. Or to make peace with your existing work (see earlier article).

And – apart from a few obvious exceptions – fear is not a good reason for avoiding anything.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

2 thoughts on “My escape from corporate life

  1. Steve

    This post strikes close for me. I have been having a maddening internal dialogue for the last week. Wondering should I stay in my current position, even if I am not happy, or go? Will I be disloyal if I leave?

    You say to “make peace with your existing work…” Not sure if I can do that but not sure if it is wise to jump into something new, either. You are right, though, fear is not a good reason to avoid anything, but it does make one pause.

    Good luck with your descision.


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