What are you tolerating?

What are you tolerating?

We are used to the notion of putting up with things. “How are you?” “Can’t complain” “Mustn’t grumble” “Could be worse”

And as a (British) race I sometimes wonder if we like to have something to moan about.

Tolerations can drain so much energy that we haven’t enough left over for the things we really like to do. Like a couple of very small stones constantly in a shoe, or the feeling of being slightly spiked by a cactus.


What am I tolerating?

I recently came to realise that the voluntary work I was doing was draining my energy and eating into precious time I didn’t really have. I tolerated it for the good of the young people and the good of the project. Sounds a bit pompous, doesn’t it?! And then one day I noticed that I didn’t know all the names of the young people. and I’d asked one volunteer what she did 4 times… I started to question who was benefiting from me doing this work. I certainly wasn’t. And maybe the project wasn’t either.

So I left. At a good time, to minimise inconvenience and nevertheless I left.

This spurred me on. To get a quote for some decorating which I haven’t got round to in such a long time. To finally recycle my old microwave and toaster which had been sitting in the boot of my car. All those things which caused irritation and depleted precious energy, as I noticed them.

And, more challenging, to re-examine some friendships which were more than slightly one-sided,

To make room for the life I want to lead.

To allow energy to be spent on relationships and my business and family and the things that matter to me.

ACTION CHALLENGE: write a list of ten things that you are tolerating. Tackle one a week and notice the change in your energy levels.

And, a more challenging question – is your job a toleration?

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