Looking at a problem in another way

I’ve come across this handy little tool for looking at a problem another way. It’s an online wizard (!) with a tool for asking questions, the Unsticker. Sample question (I love this) – what part of the problem is the most ticklish?

I wrote about something similar a year ago on changing perspective.

So, how about giving it a go?

ACTION CHALLENGE: Pick an area in your life in which you feel stuck. Get a new page in your notebook or PDA and list the characteristics of your current perspective. How do you think and feel about this problems right now? Now as you look at what you have written, do you like this perspective? Do you want a change?

Then either use the ‘Unsticker’ tool or choose another perspective. I invite you to try standing up and physically moving to another point in the room, then looking at the situation from this new perspective. Perhaps – what would a child say about this problem? Or if this problem were a item of clothing what would it be? Ask yourself – what is possible?

If you find yourself going back to the thoughts and feelings of the first stuck perspective gently bring yourself back to the new again. Then repeat with another perspective and another physical move. The physical move is a trick to help your brain to think that something new is about to happen and be more welcoming to new thoughts. Try as many times as it takes for you to see your problem in a new way with a clearer way forward.

How did you find that? Post your comments and experiences below.

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