Looking after myself

I have come back from an exhilarating yet exhausting weekend of training. Last night, I had a late night, ate unhealthily and woke early. Today I fitted in two appointments, Argos and the supermarket before I realised I still had not let myself recover from the weekend.

Why am I so slow to look after myself? Why is it easier to reach for junk food than food which nourishes my mind and body?

I love mangoes, but end up with refined carbohydrates…

I know that there are things I need to do which are about looking after me:

  • enough sleep
  • plenty of fruit and vegetables, preferably raw
  • exercise once or twice a week
  • Omega 3 supplements (I use Udo’s Choice)
  • less white pasta, bread, rice and more wholewheat and whole grains
  • monthly relaxation treatment such as reflexology or massage
  • a schedule that allows for rest and relaxation.

If you are in the business of changing your life, it requires real effort. Effort that can sap your mind and emotions unless you look after yourself. Bodily imbalance can and does lead to emotional and mental imbalance.

ACTION CHALLENGE: What do you need to do to look after yourself well? What one thing could you do this week which is about looking after yourself? Make a note on your mobile phone or PDA or in your diary and make sure you do it. Let me know too!

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