Follow your heart in 2009

Follow your heart…

What does this mean? This Youtube clip shows the results of one young woman’s gap year trip and where she ended up. As a result, she says, of following the prompting of her heart.

Have you watched it yet?

Her babysitting money!

I can’t help wondering what would happen if we all followed our hearts. What would the impact be on our families, our towns, our country, our world? To be honest, it’s too momentuous even to imagine. I get stuck even imagining what might happen if I followed my own heart…

There are so many voices clamouring for our attention. Voices from advertising saying we need the latest car, moisturiser, handbag. The news programmes with messages of fear and tragedy. Memories of voices from our childhood with messages about who we are. Opinions from friends and families, helpful and unhelpful. That ‘gremlin’ voice which tells us we should or shouldn’t or ought.

It can be difficult to tune out the other voices in order to hear our own.

What is your vision, your dream? What do you want? What do you believe? What would make you happy? Do you have a purpose? And in this moment, what is your heart telling you?

Instead of grandiose goals for 2009, I want you to think small, think doable. This New Year, I want to encourage you to start listening to that still small voice. And start to follow some of its promptings. Learn to distinguish between the other voices and the voice of your heart.

Listen to your heart’s prompting about your job and your career. Is your heart linked to what you do? I remember watching the film JFK and coming out of the cinema with a profound conviction that I was in the wrong line of work. I ignored that impulse for many years to come. I’m sure that that time was fruitful and have no wish for regrets. And yet wonder what my life would have been if I had always listened to my heart. If you listened to your heart who would you be?

ACTION CHALLENGE: For a set period, perhaps a few days or a week, make a conscious decision to listen to your heart. Have a structure to remind you, an alarm on your computer or PDA or phone. Then regularly take a few deep breaths and listen.

And if you want some help in following your heart, get in touch. I’d love to support you in that process.

1 thought on “Follow your heart in 2009

  1. Jude Eastman~Life & Soul Coach

    YES! I couldn’t agree more. Place your hand over your heart when you ask that first question and breathe into it. Then notice when ideas pop through your head. How do you feel in your body when you think about doing them? How do you know an idea is from the heart? It makes you sing inside. You feel lighter and tingly. Ideas that may come from your head -as “logical” ideas – don’t give you that lift.

    Pick one that moves your Spirit and ask – “What’s one small step I can take to get closer to this intention or get more of this in my life now?”


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