Bringing Cuba into my everyday life!

girl in Trinidad Coming back from Cuba has been like landing in some kind of parallel grey universe. Is the UK always this grim? Does anyone ever smile? Why did I ever take that flight home?

Or is it just that I miss the warmth and vibrancy of Cuba, the rainforest, lush green landscape and sandy beaches. Do I long for late nights of rum cocktails and salsa? Would I prefer to be drinking little cups of strong black coffee watching oxen pulling carts or immaculate 1950s Cadillacs driving down the street?

I’ve had an amazing holiday, but it’s over now and I need to get back to ‘real life’. Only thing is, real life no longer looks that attractive.

Unfortunately, moving to Cuba isn’t an option. salsa dancersAnd if it was an option, I probably would not go. What I want is Cuba here. Cuba in Birmingham! Cuba in my life right now.

How can I inject some Cuban joie de vivre into my life? Maybe I could take up salsa lessons? Drink more rum?! Eat tropical fruit for breakfast? As I start to ponder, my mood lifts.

ACTION CHALLENGE: Remember a high point in your life. Spend some time remembering the sights, the smells, the sounds and the tastes connected to those moments. Then ask yourself how you could bring that moment into your everyday life. In a big or small way. Maybe for you it really would be emigrating or something radical. Or maybe just a daily mango.

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